Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Winds of change . . .

Well I don't post that much but today I need to. 2006 will be remembered as "the year of change." Of the major stressers in life I will be hitting them all this year. Becoming a father, job change started of 2006. Coming up . . . . well I can't announce the rest until monday next week, so stay tuned - but expect it to be big. Those of you counting at home (will probably be able to guess what is is coming on monday.) With all things considered the stress isn't really getting to me yet - but I think that has a large part to do with God. God is Good, Faithful, and Just. I praise Him for the blessing he bestows and hardships he uses to change us. Amen

Monday, September 25, 2006

Fantasy and Real Sports

Ok so I admit it, I'm a bit of a sports fan.  Just a couple of things I want to write about in regards to sports.

1. The Cleveland Indians accomplished tonight my season goal for them.  They won the season series from the White Sox.  This is significant because I content that it is the WS record vs the Indians that is keeping them from post season play this year.  Also, it gives me something to brag about to my WS friends.

2. Fantasy football.  I have played FFB for 4 years now.  I must admit that in the past I have taken it rather seriously and done poorly or I have held it loosely and done well.  This year I went for loosely and it working.  So far in the league that i take somewhat seriosly I have a 3 record and pasted both my friends in the league.  That feels good.  I'm not sure why but it always feels really good to beat up on some one you know well rather than just a shmoe. 
Anyway I like the fun of it.  Look out CTIFFL - Varner's Vengers will rock you!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Tigers and Baby Boys equal a chance for me to make trouble.

Yes, I like to cause trouble.  I like to cause trouble with my friends the most.  It is my way of showing them I care.

Marc - congrats on the boy.  Hopefully your son will be lucky enough to find someone as great as my daughter.  However, it won't be my daughter - so just forget about it.

Todd - I can only say . . .the Tigers are for real.  Welcome back to earth.  It is time you and white sux nation ate some humble pie and admit it.  The Tigers are playing better baseball this year.

That is the end of the trouble.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006 HAS LAUNCHED!

Hey all!

Check the pointless podcast at We are still working on the features of the site but it is functional and allows people to waste thier life listening to Todd, Marc, and myself ramble about the nothingness of our lives. Check out the site and enjoy yourself! Also like the new theme here?

Thursday, June 29, 2006

TeDiuM Podcast

Up on you can download the first attempt of a TeDiuM podcast. WOW! Lots of fun and stupidity. If you have 55 minutes of life to waste take a look. Expect a cleaned up version later next week. Here is the link! Podcast


Friday, June 23, 2006

God bless friends and Frisbee

2 summers ago, a group of my coworkers starting getting together after work to play ultimate Frisbee. The games sizes are typically small (4v4, 5v5 if we are lucky) but they are tons of fun.

Well with the addition to our family I had to make a choice this summer – to play Frisbee or to play softball – but there just wasn’t time to do both. I choose softball for the first half of the summer because it worked better with my wife’s work schedule. After softball was over it was going to be negotiable on whether I could play Frisbee on a 2 times per month basis.

Well yesterday Emily and Elin went out of town so I went to Frisbee for the first time this summer. Man was it good to see the old co-workers again. They don’t even know how much I miss seeing them everyday. They are great people!

Todd play the game of his life last night. He was a diving, catching machine. It was incredible to watch. I played (in my own mind) fairly well. I had some uncharacteristic drops – but I haven’t played since last summer. Also, not that I ever could throw long that well, but my long throws weren’t where I’d like them to be. All in all though I had lots of fun and again the company was great!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Three Years of life wasted . . .

Tonight was the Series Finale of Alias – a show I got hooked on through DVDs shortly after it’s first season released to the medium.

Season 1 and 2 – great TV! Cliff hangers every episode, villains you love to hate, and characters so complex you think you will never understand them. Then the network stepped in put a kibosh on the vehicle (Rambaldi) and wrecked any possible arc for character development.

The Series Finale was predictable, and poorly done. The special effect in the last half season where horrible and the stories were underdeveloped and thus underwhelming.

I had hopes, and dreams for the end. I wanted them to redeem the last 3 seasons and finish strong. Instead they left me feeling like I didn’t care. They didn’t make me care.

The final screen read, “Thanks for five terrific years.” As a fan I say, “Thanks for 2 terrific years and can I have the other 3 back.”

Thursday, May 11, 2006

You can the D out of CTI but you can't take it out of TeDiuM

Those of you from CTI know the tragedy of the tale.

3 co-workers become great friends - work on a project of epic proportions together and find in the process how well they compliment each other. They even create a name for themselves. Well - as fate would have it one leaves the company - creating a whole both at the company and in his own existence. In the months that follow the 3 began to look for new ways to use their collective strengths - and strike upon and idea.

Needless to say TeDiuM will make it's triumphant return soon. To quote a great movie . . . "We are on a mission from God"

Check back soon for new updates soon.

Friday, March 31, 2006

My Blog . . . A New Beginning

Well, I have many friends, but two of them Marc and Todd have started blogging. So now I don't want left out. But I have nothing to say . . . oh wait I do. I will blog about technology. Not that I'm an expert, but I have very strong opinions and try to stay on top of some trends in technology.

I will blog about technology a few times per week and create some different topic areas. Some areas of consideration: Self Help, Definitions, and Trends. What do you think? Post your comments below

Most of my friends and family will care less about my blog but at least it will get some things out there.

So if I'm going to blog about technology it will be helpful for you all to know why I think I have something to say about it:

Technology and gadgets have always fascinated me. Even as a kid I dreamed about having computers and game consoles - Mind you my family didn't own a computer until I was in the 7th grade and then it was a Mac Classic. I grew up using the Mac and it has admittedly tainted my perspective on computer technology. In college I learned Windows and became a pretty good support technician while working at the IT Help Desk and with an internship. After college I worked at and Apple reseller and learned OS X. A year later I was hired as a support tech with a magazine publisher. There I was able to hone my skills as a System Admin of mixed (Mac and Windows) environments. While there I also began to realize the potential of multi-media creation for and on the web. In the last few years I have watched RSS and Podcasts change the way people use the Internet. Now if we can just figure out a way to raise the professionalism of those mediums (editorial comment). Currently, I'm a Net Admin for a printing press company with many progressive technologies.

That is where I’m from thanks for reading and expect to hear more.