Monday, May 22, 2006

Three Years of life wasted . . .

Tonight was the Series Finale of Alias – a show I got hooked on through DVDs shortly after it’s first season released to the medium.

Season 1 and 2 – great TV! Cliff hangers every episode, villains you love to hate, and characters so complex you think you will never understand them. Then the network stepped in put a kibosh on the vehicle (Rambaldi) and wrecked any possible arc for character development.

The Series Finale was predictable, and poorly done. The special effect in the last half season where horrible and the stories were underdeveloped and thus underwhelming.

I had hopes, and dreams for the end. I wanted them to redeem the last 3 seasons and finish strong. Instead they left me feeling like I didn’t care. They didn’t make me care.

The final screen read, “Thanks for five terrific years.” As a fan I say, “Thanks for 2 terrific years and can I have the other 3 back.”

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