Friday, June 23, 2006

God bless friends and Frisbee

2 summers ago, a group of my coworkers starting getting together after work to play ultimate Frisbee. The games sizes are typically small (4v4, 5v5 if we are lucky) but they are tons of fun.

Well with the addition to our family I had to make a choice this summer – to play Frisbee or to play softball – but there just wasn’t time to do both. I choose softball for the first half of the summer because it worked better with my wife’s work schedule. After softball was over it was going to be negotiable on whether I could play Frisbee on a 2 times per month basis.

Well yesterday Emily and Elin went out of town so I went to Frisbee for the first time this summer. Man was it good to see the old co-workers again. They don’t even know how much I miss seeing them everyday. They are great people!

Todd play the game of his life last night. He was a diving, catching machine. It was incredible to watch. I played (in my own mind) fairly well. I had some uncharacteristic drops – but I haven’t played since last summer. Also, not that I ever could throw long that well, but my long throws weren’t where I’d like them to be. All in all though I had lots of fun and again the company was great!

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