Thursday, July 20, 2006

Tigers and Baby Boys equal a chance for me to make trouble.

Yes, I like to cause trouble.  I like to cause trouble with my friends the most.  It is my way of showing them I care.

Marc - congrats on the boy.  Hopefully your son will be lucky enough to find someone as great as my daughter.  However, it won't be my daughter - so just forget about it.

Todd - I can only say . . .the Tigers are for real.  Welcome back to earth.  It is time you and white sux nation ate some humble pie and admit it.  The Tigers are playing better baseball this year.

That is the end of the trouble.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006 HAS LAUNCHED!

Hey all!

Check the pointless podcast at We are still working on the features of the site but it is functional and allows people to waste thier life listening to Todd, Marc, and myself ramble about the nothingness of our lives. Check out the site and enjoy yourself! Also like the new theme here?