Monday, September 25, 2006

Fantasy and Real Sports

Ok so I admit it, I'm a bit of a sports fan.  Just a couple of things I want to write about in regards to sports.

1. The Cleveland Indians accomplished tonight my season goal for them.  They won the season series from the White Sox.  This is significant because I content that it is the WS record vs the Indians that is keeping them from post season play this year.  Also, it gives me something to brag about to my WS friends.

2. Fantasy football.  I have played FFB for 4 years now.  I must admit that in the past I have taken it rather seriously and done poorly or I have held it loosely and done well.  This year I went for loosely and it working.  So far in the league that i take somewhat seriosly I have a 3 record and pasted both my friends in the league.  That feels good.  I'm not sure why but it always feels really good to beat up on some one you know well rather than just a shmoe. 
Anyway I like the fun of it.  Look out CTIFFL - Varner's Vengers will rock you!