Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Further Musings

Yesterday I let go of some stuff. While writing that I came across something else that I thought was revolutionary. Most people live, for lack of a better term, “separated lives.” They have many different personas, for example a work persona, a home persona, a church persona and an online persona. Who they are in one persona isn’t who they are in another. It creates a very confusing and complicated life.

Looking back at 2005 I realized that I was lucky enough to not have to live like that. My work, home, church and “extra-curricular activities” were all environments in which could be and wanted to be was the same person. In 2006 my environments changed so much and rapidly it was hard to maintain that consistency. My co-workers didn’t overlap into my personal world and my personal world was separate from other aspects of life. I got tired and felt that I wasn’t genuine with the greater world. I’m not sure that I was the best example of Christ I could be either.

I know that it will be a long road, but I hope that in a year I can look at 2007 and say that I got back on the trail to living genuinely in all aspects of life. I pray that I’m transparent about home at work and that I’m transparent about work at home and online.

God – help me to begin to build relationships in this new area. Send my family to the Church that you need us to attend. May that body of believers challenge us to live authentically in all aspects of life for your glory! May I be an open and responsible co-worker and employee. For the glory of Jesus, Amen!

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