Tuesday, February 6, 2007

So I guess no one reads this. . .

Or no-one cares. I guess I hope that no one cares, I think.

I know I'm weird. Do I really think God cares what cell phone I use or what plan I have? I think He cares how I use the resources He has granted me "dominion over."

Honestly, I'm not poor and realize that "more of anything" won't solve my consternation over how to use God's resources.

I have been in prayer about asking God to redeem my time and energy. This also extends to my use of my possessions. I know I'll struggle with this my entire life and it will grow, change and morph into different implementations. I guess the key or goal is that with each iteration I become more "Christ like."

So do I start with selling my cell phone? If Jesus lived today would he have a cell phone, and if so what kind would he have? Would he have a home? Or would he just have a big tour bus that He and the disciples lived and traveled in? Um, wow did this get really deep really fast. Who would have thought that a cell phone would have inspired such thoughts.

For now I'm trading phones with my wife. I'll go back to the Treo 650. It was a good steady phone. It did most of what I need it to, it will be fine, it will be fine . . . .

Monday, February 5, 2007

Of cell phones and money . . .

Anybody that knows me knows I’m a technologist. I love gadgets and gizmos and unfortunately have bought into the lie that they make one’s life easier (admission is the first step to recovery, right?) In the course of changing jobs, moving and monitoring the upcoming cell phone landscape, I have gotten myself into a cell phone quandary. Before I state the quandary, let me tell you what I want.

I want the iPhone. Apple has built a platform that is an amazing piece of hardware, but the software is the question. If the iPhone is a “iPod like” eco-system, then Apple will control the software loaded on the device very stringently. All software that could be loaded onto the iPhone will have to go through Apple (and probably AT&T) first. I don’t like closed nature of that system. I want the iPhone to be as open as GarnetOS (formerly PalmOS) and Windows Mobile 5 devcies. The power of these devices is the ability for the owner to add and subtract software to the device to make the functionality better suit their needs.

All that being said: 1. The iPhone isn’t available today, and 2. If I can’t add software on it to meet my needs, then I don’t want it. 3. I’m a Sprint customer (the iPhone will only be available on the AT&T network).

So, I have decided that I want a Windows Mobile Device (I would go GarnetOS, but none of them have or support built-in WiFi.) Te PPC-6700 from Sprint is a good device and the reviews are favorable. It has a similar feature set to the iPhone, just without the Apple nuances.

Now of the money . . . I have the money to buy the device saved from Christmas gifts and my Birthday. My parents who have helped us out very generously with our move are telling me to spend the money o something for me. However, the amount of money I have saved could be used to get some things for our future home. I feel so torn. I want to be faithful with the gifts the Lord has given me and I don’t know that getting this phone is the best use.

God: being poor stinks! I want the money to do what I want to do with it and not feel guilty about spending it in a way that may not be the best (although after saying that I realize that having more money will not help with that.) God, I want a cell phone that will help me do my job, save me some time and keep me connected to those I love. I want something that will actually help me help you. Will the PPC-6700 do that? I’m really confused. Help me out. Amen.

I know God can speak through others. If any of you have some God given wisdom to share send me an email.