Tuesday, February 6, 2007

So I guess no one reads this. . .

Or no-one cares. I guess I hope that no one cares, I think.

I know I'm weird. Do I really think God cares what cell phone I use or what plan I have? I think He cares how I use the resources He has granted me "dominion over."

Honestly, I'm not poor and realize that "more of anything" won't solve my consternation over how to use God's resources.

I have been in prayer about asking God to redeem my time and energy. This also extends to my use of my possessions. I know I'll struggle with this my entire life and it will grow, change and morph into different implementations. I guess the key or goal is that with each iteration I become more "Christ like."

So do I start with selling my cell phone? If Jesus lived today would he have a cell phone, and if so what kind would he have? Would he have a home? Or would he just have a big tour bus that He and the disciples lived and traveled in? Um, wow did this get really deep really fast. Who would have thought that a cell phone would have inspired such thoughts.

For now I'm trading phones with my wife. I'll go back to the Treo 650. It was a good steady phone. It did most of what I need it to, it will be fine, it will be fine . . . .

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