Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Official 3rd Party Apps Coming to iPhone and iPod Touch!

Apple - Hot News

Yipee! In Feburary I was lementing the fact that the iPhone wasn't going to do everything I wanted to be able to do with a smart phone. Today Apple announced that in fact those whole might be able to be filled with 3rd Party Apps on the iPhone and iPod Touch. I love it! Now will I be able to get mail and a editable calendar on the iPod touch? I certainly hope so.

Also in the tech news today - Google has released Google Docs mobile. If this works on the iPhoneiPod Touch - then what a combo. Merlin Mann I have seen your vision and I like it.

Sorry no DAB for October has landed yet. The Cleveland Indians run in the post season has made for some long evenings and sleepy days. Sometimes I wish I was a woman and had the innate ability to multitask. That would make baseball watching more productive - and probably more rewarding.

One last comment on sports . . . I don't believe in chaos therory but - After I left the Indians fell on hard times. This is my first baseball season back in the Cleveland sports market and to date - the Cavs won the East, the Browns are 3 and 3 (which is really good them) and the Indians are one game away from the World Series. Don't forget those Buckeyes (number 1 in the BCS). Good thing I don't beleive in chaos therory or else I might be concerned that with this post I might have jinxed them all.

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