Wednesday, October 17, 2007

TWIT has it wrong

I am a huge TWIT network fan. However, Leo and his friends have some "ideas" wrong about the technology user community and how companies should operate.

1.) I would say that no more than 90% of technology users modify hardware or software in a "hacking" way. The aurgument that iPhone users all want to unlock their phone or add 3rd party apps is hogwash. Only the "elite" few do this. So the majority of the market is the non-hacking type. Elite's need to get over this and stop thinking that hacking is a universal "desire." Most people buy technology becuase it solves a problem that they have at time of purchase, not because it is modifiable.
2.) When you purchase any piece of tehcnology, as I have stated, you buy it becuase it solves a problem that you have at the time. If a company decided to provide an "update" that changes the functionality of the device they do so on their own accord. They are not required to do so. Therefore, a user is not required to upgrade to the "newer" software.
3.) If a Terms of Use or User Liscene Agreeement is accepted by the user, then a user has to "stay with in the terms of service" to recieve the update. If a user steps out of bounds of that agreement - what right does the user have to demand that an upgrade (which is freely provied by the manufacturing company) work on the piece of technology that is moded from the ULA? None. It is a proposperous notion that manufacturing company has to operate that way.

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