Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I spent some of my Christmas and Birthday money to replace various Palm OS based devices with and iPod Touch. WOW. It is the best device I have ever used for this type of information.

There are some things I want to see and most can be solved with unsupported 3rd party applications. I'm waiting for the SDK to come before I pass too much judgment. Here is my list (after the break)

1.) A Terminal Application. Being able to administer my server via ssh would be sweet!
2.) WordExcelPPT Editor. Not a must but the addition of this would make a serious business tool.
3.) USB Storage. Make it so that I add files for storage to and from the device easily.
4.) IM Client. On the touch I don't have SMS. Let me have IM.
5.) Task Management. Being able to manage those things would be really great.
6.) Notes Synchronization. Being able to sync my notes - even to a txt file would be helpful.

For calendar, email, contact, video, and music better_than_anything_else. There is no comparison.

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