Tuesday, June 24, 2008

So who you going to vote for Jim?

I make no bones about it - I'm a Christian.  Do live a sinless life?  No.  However, I try to get closer to Jesus and God through the power of the Holy Spirit.  I think I'm just as much a Christian as any devote Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, etc. (excuse me if I left out your denomination).

Dr. James Dobson infuriates me when he begins to talk about politics.  Read my latest reason why!

First off, I am not going to vote for Obama - for this reason - I don't believe that government is good at solving social problems.  I believe it is my job to be active in helping "the least of these." Just voting to for someone who wants to in enact social programs is a cop out.  Christians are commanded to actively minister in these ways on their own effort - not through the guise of government.

Now this brings me to the James Dobson article.  Dobson - who has already stated he wouldn't be voting for McCain has now begun to attack Obama, only to make himself and conservative Christians look foolish.  By pulling excepts of a 2006 Obama speech, all Dobson has done is proven Obama's points 1.) Some "rules" of the Bible seems silly in today's context.  2.) Christians need to do a better job of communicating about Christianity to today's culture.  Dobson in his critique proved Obama's points.

Jim - Please go do an intensive study in sharing one's faith in today's global culture before you open your mouth next time and speak about politics.  I'm tired of removing your foot from my mouth while talking to those I'm trying to witness to when politics come up.  Better yet - please stick to what you do best - which is telling me how to focus on my family (for which you have really blessed my life and helped with my parenting techniques).

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It was time to change my underwear . . . .

so I decided to change jobs. Again. Ack! This is a habit I'm neither happy about or looking to support. More after the break . . .