Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It was time to change my underwear . . . .

so I decided to change jobs. Again. Ack! This is a habit I'm neither happy about or looking to support. More after the break . . .

After being at Westlake City School District for 11 months, I'm off to American Greetings! Let it be know - this job change was initiated by God. A "professional staffer" (head hunter) found me on-line. My previous Mac experience coupled with my Windows experience made me a good candidate for a desktop engineer position that had opened. After flipping over every rock and looking at all the possible pitfalls, I realized that I was being presented with the exact situation that I hoped to find 1.5 years ago when we moved back to Ohio. A well paying job, mixed OS environment, good benefits (albeit costly), within 30 to 35 minutes of our home. I am scheduled to start in the fall with my MBA, and they'll support me in that endeavor.

I will desperately miss WCSD and the people. Everybody, from Dan, Renee, Dave, Pam, Patrick, Carly, Brian, Hannah, Ashley, Shannon, Mary, Mike, Kim, Albie, Kurt to Kathy enriched my life as well as my work. I feel like I'm leaving CTI again in some ways. The people are what made it great to work here. I will miss the work too. I really got back to what I love to do - finding cheap solutions to interesting problems. Ah, my world here has been good.

My new job will be a lot of that. Finding solutions to big problems. I look forward to the new challenges. It will be good. I just have one request!

God can I stay there a a couple of years this time?

Peace out yos!


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