Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Grrr . . . Wall Street

Apple sells all kinds of product - has a great quarter and the stock goes down!?

The "concerns" driving the stock down down are all FUD. 1. Apple gave a conservative estimate for next quarters earnings (which everyone is doing) and investors get worried - Hello can we say iPhone 3G - they will exceed their guidance. 2.) Speculation about Mr. Job's health drives investors away - First off we have nothing to believe that Mr. Jobs health is poor. Secondly, even if he was Apple has enough talent in house to keep the ship on track. I know Mr. Jobs is known as being a dictator - but come on - do you guys really think Apple is micromanaged to that degree? No company that large is micromanaged that severely. If Mr. Jobs resigned there would still be enough talent there to continue to deliver the socially moving products we have grown to love (as Apple fanboys). Jobs is only as good as the talent around him, and clearly Apple has some of the best.

So loosen up Wall Street and stop the FUD!

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