Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Get off your duff and contact your Representatives

Today, I wrote my US representative and my 2 Senators urging them to vote against any bill that "invests" in failing financial companies.

I don't say this proudly (ok maybe I do). But I'm really tired or arm chair politicians and their complaining.

All three representatives have contact forms on their websites and I imagine nearly every representative has one. I urge you all to contact them also. For those in Ohio I have included the links for Brown's and Voinovich's sites.

Please take 5 minutes to make contact. It doesn't do us any good to complain from a far.

Please note this is not targeted to anyone receiving this as backlash for something else. I just feel very strongly about this and need to share it. The links are below:

Senator Voinovich

Senator Brown

For those in ohio 16th:
Congressman Regula