Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Windows 7 . . . Microsoft's not so secret weapon.

Apple, better look out. A post Gates MS is going to be dangerous. Case in point - Windows 7.

For years Apple has mocked MS for copying their OS ideas. Most of these are related to the user interface, and honestly Apple has typically been in the lead in the traditional mouse and keyboard based space. However Windows 7 is going to put Apple behind the eight-ball.

Cleverly MS has used PDC put Windows 7 in the hands of the press. Now, whatever Apple Demos - at Macworld will look like a copy of 7.

MS clearly will revolutionize windows managment wiht the gestures coming in 7. I have been playing with them, and wow - do simplify things. The tile and maximize edge responce is also a dramatic move forward. They are excellent.

I got all giddy when I thought of these things coupled with Max OS X's Expose - and then I realized this: If Apple doesn't want to be the copy cat (pun intended) they will have to do better than this - and that will be hard.

Apple - this time you may have been outwitted by MS.