Saturday, August 23, 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge

I want to thank Todd and Marc for issuing me the challenge. Accepting the challenged sparked a healthy debate in our family. I’d like to share my conclusions on why I am participating.

There are many issues that deserve as much attention as ALS.  Juvenile Diabetes (former coworkers), Celiac Disease (my family), The Crisis in Iraq (Brothers and Sisters in Christ), The Ebola Virus Crisis (The world in General), <insert your hot issue here> are all issues that deserve our attention as much as ALS.  Please consider donating or being involved in positive solutions for all these issues.

The type of research matters to me (us).  I will be donating to John Paul II Medical Research Institute.  If you want an explanation, please see the following post.

I don’t issue the challenge lightly to others. David, Jannai, and Bryan, you all have the option ignore, support something else, or participate as others have done.  I will not take offense if you decline.  If you wish to discuss this “off-line” I’ll be happy to do so. If you accept, I look forward to seeing your video.

With that - Praise God for the blessing this will be to those struggling with ALS.  I pray that other issues also receive our same attention as a culture in the future.