Valentine Dinner Party Rules

Valentine Dinner Party Rules:

  • Article 1 - attire
    • Section 1 - Men
      • Men shall be dressed in dress shirt, neck tie, suit pants and at least a sport coat. Suit coat is preferable. 
    • Section 2 - women
      • Women shall be adorning glamorous dresses.
    • Section3 - Footwear
      • All guests are required to remove their footwear upon entering the house. Socks must be present, must match, be free of odor, and be in reasonable working condition. Slippers are provided and may be worn by guests of Elaine either at their discretion or if instructed to (see Article 3 Section 1 for more information)
    • Article 2 - dinner seating
      • Section 1 - spouses shall not sit beside one another during the meal.
    • Article 3 - Rules enforcer 
      • Section 1 - Elaine is the official rules enforcer and it is her prerogative on whether or not to enforce any rule at the time of the event. That being said, do not test Elaine. 
    • Article 4 - what to bring
      • Section 1 - Please bring a bottled beverage (wine or sparkling cider, etc) to share per couple to share with the group. 
    • Article 5 - Duration
      • Section 1 - Plan to stay past your bedtime.  Typically people leave between 11 and midnight. 
    • Article 6 - Cleanup
      • Section 1 - Please plan to stay just a bit and help Elaine cleanup toward the end of the evening.
    • Article 7 - Fun
      • Section 1 - come in a good mood, with a light attitude, prepared to laugh a lot and enjoy succulent food. 

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